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Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo,Japanese Inn/Hotel
34 Nanzenji Fukuji-cho
Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi
Kyoto 606-8435 JAPAN

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Mr nanzenji yachiyo

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We will send an email of the confirmation. Please input either accurately.


yachiyo 34 kyoto kyoto fu japan

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Phone number we could contact with you during your stay in Japan, if available.
( We appreciate it if you will let us know this in any case we need to contact with you in Japan)

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Number of rooms &Room type Room Rates

Traditional Japanese Style 8Tatami Standerd Garden Room(First Floor Or Second Floor)
Traditional japanese style 8tatami room


Traditional Japanese Style 8Tatami Deluxe Garden Room(First Floor Or Second Floor)
Traditional japanese style 8tatami room

Traditional Japanese Style 20Tatami Suite Garden Room(Second Floor)
Traditional japanese style outbath10tatami room
Traditional Japanese Style 16Tatami Suite Garden Room(First Floor Or Second Floor)

Traditional Japanese Style 16Tatami Suite Garden Room (First Floor)

Modern Japanese Style 12,5Tatami Room(Second Floor,no garden
Modern japanese styl 12,5tatami room

Dinner and breakfast reservation


If dinner is wished to have, please request a front by 15:00 of the day.*SUSHI KAISEKI,Seasonal a deluxe course, and a luxury course,A vegetarian dinner courses: Reservaton necessary 1days prior.(Cancellations must be made by 3 days before the dinner day.)


Start Dinner time
(We opens from 17:00 to 21:30 for dinner)*

Start Dinner time
17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00

Dinner and breakfast reservation


You can choose the course of Dinner and breakfast

Yachiyo is a famous (RYOTEI) restaurant in Kyoto. Dinner can be chosen through an standard course, a deluxe course, and a Luxury course and more.The breakfast can choose Japanese-styleBreakfast and Western-style Breakfast. Reservation is required in advance.

If you stay by two night stays or more, room and package can be selected. Please write any
room and package.

Traditional Kaiseki Cuisine

(The traditional food of Kyoto,
the menu of about 8 to 12 articles.)

Standerd Dinner photos,7452JPN yen.Dinner photos

Deluxe Dinner photos,12420JPN yenDinner photos


Luxury Dinner photos, 14904JPN yen.Dinner photos

Deluxe Yachiyo Courses 12420JPN

Dinner photos (The menus of about five articles with main sushi, tempura, meat dish, etc.)

Luxury Yachiyo Courses 14904JPN.Dinner photos

A famous Japanese Cuisine

WAGYU Beef Sukiyaki Ryori Dinner 7452JPN.Sukiyaki photos

(The beef pan which uses traditional Japanese soy sauce)

WAGYU Beef Syabu Syabu Ryori Dinner 7452JPN.Shabushabu photos

(The beef pan which uses traditional Japanese broth)

Shojin Ryori Dinner 7452JPN.Kaiseki in vegetarian courses photos

(The menu only for a vegetarian. The menu which does not use meat and fish and shellfishesThe bouillon (Broth,fish's extract) is used.)

One-pot dishes of vegetables Dinner 7452JPN

(The menu when the ability not to also eat kaiseki cuisine only for a vegetarian.The bouillon (Broth,fish's extract) is not used. )

A Breakfast course.Breakfast photos

Room with Japanese-style Breakfast 2484JPN

(Boiled tofu of the Nanzen-ji noted product, and "Bento"Japanese style breakfast.)

Room with Western-style Breakfast  2484JPN

(Bread, a salad, Fruits the breakfast centering on an egg dish.)

Room without Breakfast

Hotel style,No dinner Only Breakfast / without meals

Room with Japanese-styleBreakfast

Room with Western-style Breakfast

Room without meals

Young Children aged 12 and below

Room without meals and bedding rental.:3,240 Yen

Room with Kids Breakfast and bedding rental.: 4,320 Yen

Room with Kids Dinner and bedding rental: 7,452 Yen

Room with Breakfast and Dinner: Regular Dinner: 12,420 Yen

Babies aged 5 and below
525 Yen per night without meals. 1,080 Yen for bedding rental.

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Fish: Any seafood: Meat:

Soy based products ( Tofu, Soy Sauce etc): Soy beans:  sesame:

*In case over 2 guest who have dietary restrictions, please write further detail information for another guest in the below box.
*In case one guest who will not have any meat, any kind of seafood, fish and bonito broth, breakfast is Western style only will be arranged.

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