Began with a single structure built by Saicho (767-822: founder of the Tendai sect) on Mt. Hiei. It was transferred to its present site in 1656. Manshu-in is a monzeki temple which means the post of head priest was always taken by a member of the imperial family. The Main Hall Shoin (Study) and priests' living quarters are all Important Cultural Properties. Paintings on the inner sliding doors are by Kano Tanyu (1602-1674) and the dry landscape garden is a Place of Scenic Beauty. The painting of the Ki-Fudo (Yellow Fudo: Acala) is one of three such celebrated works. This is a copy of an original painted in the 9th century. It was said a golden Fudo appeared before a priest undergoing ascetic training on Mt. Hiei. He had the image painted.
Access Eizan Rlwy: Shugakuin -walk 20 min; City Bus and Kyoto Bus: Ichijoji-shimizucho -walk 20 min
Parking Microbuses (not large buses) and 60 cars (toll-free)
Handicap Accessible although assistance will be necessary
Open Time 9:00 - 17:00
Required Time about 30 minute(s)
Holiday Open daily
Note Office closes at 16:30
Charge 500 yen - 300 yen; groups (30+) 450 yen - 400 yen; disabled people 300 yen
Reserve Please telephone if a guide is required for a group visit




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